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iPECS Cloud Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your customer interactions with cloud-based call analytics software. Build productivity with a best-in-class customisable reporting, analytics and resource management app.


Improve the customer experience and optimise your business, 

iPECS Cloud Analytics

iPECS Cloud Analytics is a powerful call analytics solution fully integrated with iPECS Cloud. iPECS Cloud Analytics offers valuable insights into the communications of any business or call centre. The real-time data provided by this service empowers your team to provide a superior customer experience.

Business Insights

Gain valuable insights into your customer interactions with iPECS Cloud Analytics. iPECS Cloud Analytics displays business critical KPIs via different reports that can be tailored for individual users, DDIs, sites, groups, customers or agents.


Detailed call result analysis enables you to monitor and troubleshoot issues, allowing for improvements to be made quickly. Call trend analysis reports are available daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. These reports can be used to discover trends and enact changes accordingly.


iPECS Cloud Analytics integrates with iPECS Cloud, Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s cloud communication platform; it is simple to deploy and manage your Analytics platform with user data synchronising automatically from iPECS Cloud.

Simple and Flexible

Build productivity with the best-in-class analytics, reporting and resource management tool. Customise the reports you need to measure and improve resource efficiency.


iPECS Cloud Analytics provides various types of pre-defined reports and easy-to-read dashboards that can be viewed in real-time. A filter allows you to receive custom reports about the information relevant to any selected user or group. Simple management features such as favourites, scheduled reports sent via email, and exportable reports (PDF, CSV) means that gaining the insights you need is never tedious.


Finally, responsive web design enables you to access iPECS Cloud Analytics from desktop or mobile, both in the office and remotely.

Beyond Analytics

Deliver a superior customer experience and drive your business decisions with real-time business insights from iPECS Cloud Analytics.


iPECS Cloud Analytics can be accessed as a standard or advanced package. The standard package supports essential features related to historical reporting and standard monitoring commonly used in call analytics.


The advanced package is perfect for those who need a simple and cost-effective call centre solution. It supports live call monitoring as well as real-time performance statistics filtered by group or agent, allowing you to clearly view when your team are busiest and allocate resources as needed.


With iPECS Cloud Analytics you can easily monitor, analyse and optimise your workplace.


Key Features

  • Extension (terminal), trunk status display

  • Call response analysis – Grade of Service

  • Summary report – 5 min/hour/day/week/month stats

  • Real time monitoring for ACD groups and Hunt groups

  • Real time summary for agent call and group call

  • Instant notification – missed call threshold settings

  • Customisable dashboard

  • Easy manage – scheduled, email, download, favourite

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