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Contact Center

The end-to-end solution that makes customer experience a thing of the past. Exceed client expectations and easily manage and monitor changes in call volumes.

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Multi-channel contact center solution for the best customer experience

Recently, companies are making various efforts to increase customer loyalty, and the contact center is one of the most important points of contact with customers.
iPECS CCC is a cloud-based multi-channel contact center solution that can deliver the best customer experience by responding quickly and accurately in the way customers want.


Two-way communication by multi-channel method

iPECS CCC supports multi-channel methods, so it is possible to respond by e-mail or chatting in addition to the traditional voice call method, so that customers can respond more quickly in the way they want.

Improving customer response using accurate customer information

iPECS CCC can be linked with customer data such as CRM, so you can respond based on accurate information. In addition, the agent can easily check the customer's history to provide customised responses for each customer.

Complete security and service reliability

It provides excellent security and stability through data and line encryption, system redundancy, and distributed processing.


Main Function

  • Multi-channel cloud-based contact center solution (voice call, chat, email)

  • Provides analysis by customer situation and response type for incoming calls

  • Knowledge-based management system

  • Simple and efficient reporting and monitoring functions

  • A powerful CRM integration function that reflects the edits on the agent's web screen in real time without any additional steps

  • Various reporting functions

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Compatible with EPOS Headsets

EPOS headsets can be used as a deployment-friendly solution for contact centers using iPECS CloudTogether iPECS Cloud and EPOS contact center headsets are designed to deliver an excellent customer experience.

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